What we are
S-Lagoon was founded in 2001, the first year of 21th century by NAKATANI Takako, on a simple concept:
that by software engineering technology directly to customers, S-Lagoon could best understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective development technology to meet those needs.S-Lagoon would be the base of information.

 S-Lagoon at a Glance
Exective Director : ASAMI, Fujiko
Non Exective Director : NAKATANI, Takako
Capital F@3,000,000yen
Founded F@2001.06.01
 Main Office
4-12-14-102 Ainokawa Ichikawa, Chiba
272-0143, JAPAN
TEL : +81-47-396-1992@FAX : +81-47-396-1977
 Premier Services
S-Lagoon provide high sofisticated supporting technologies to develop computer software systems.
Our major technologies are based on Object-Oriented Technology.On-site service is provided.
 Mentoring services
Most of us know of instances in which a special mentoring relationship has enabled an engineer to overcome difficult object-oriented development circumstances.Such stories touch us deeply and provide us with ample motivation for continued service. We are exploreing how mentoring relationships bring about change - and why some engineers benefit from the following mentor supports more than others.
>Mentoring services for eliciting and defining requirements process
>Mentoring services for analysis modeling process with UML
>Mentoring services for designing modeling process with UML and design pattens
>Mentoring services for project managing process
>Mentoring for introducing object-oriented technology
Ex. Object-oriented training seminars
The seminers are held in various companies for senior engineers.
>How to adopt object-oriented technology into your development site?
>What is the object-oriented thinking?
>Let's challenge the way of thinking with objects.
>How does software engineering work in your work place?
 Development consultation
S-Lagoon enhances the customer experience with its support, deployment and consulting services.
The company delivers advanced Premier Enterprise Services for business customers with object-oriented modeling technology.
On-site service is provided.
 Consultation services for adaptation of new technologies
How to model your business and how to improve and enovate?We provide the technology to build your business models. The technology has two aspects.One is based on Erriskson & Penker's business modeling method with UML.The other was introduced by Checkland, Soft Systems Methodology.
We also provide other new technologies: MDA(Model Driven Architechture), XP(eXtreme Programming), Patterns, etc.
 NEC Software Hokuriku Limited
 Next Foundation Co., Ltd.